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Flex Banner Recycling Machine

Flex banner recycling machine is for separation and recycling of Faux leather/Flex banner/PVC fiber tube/PVC wallpaper/Rain shoes/Car mat/Carpet and so on.


China’s Best Flex Banner Recycling Machine Supplier

Our flex banner recycling machine aims to recycle garbage bags, commercial packaging film, and agricultural film. The following processes include sorting, size reduction, metal extraction, cold and hot washing, high-efficiency friction washing, and modular drying. We are well known as a radiator recycling machine suppliers.  the bulk of contaminants, including those brought on by ferrous and nonferrous metals, is successfully out. A comprehensive water treatment system, sludge processing, paper stick processing, label processing, etc. are something you can add to the system.

Properties of Flex Banner Recycling Machine

High Speed / High Saturation

  1. Deliver an outdoor billboard at a high pace and saturation of over 90 m2 each hour.
  2. The printing quality is what we improve by precise ink placement.


Innovation of Our Flex Banner Recycling Machine

  1. A CNC-machined aluminum brick print head mounting base that never warps
  2. With a chamfered mounting base design, avoid media searches.
  3. Adjusting the print head’s physical position and angle is simple to do.
  4. The print head is securely sealed with a brand-new aluminum capping block that was CNC-milled. Multifunction.
  5. The best modern control panels are what you need to protect the front and middle print heads.
  6. A heating system using a PID temperature control system
  7. To maintain prolonged feeding, a special pressure bar taking up and feeding system is what you can use.
  8. A newly developed sub-tank system will supply a consistent flow of ink.


Easy to Control Flex Banner Recycling Machine

  1. Software for the Sprint Rip control panel that is simple to use.
  2. Massive amounts of data can be sent quickly via a USB connection.
  3. Configurable built-in feature on vacuum cleaner for cleaning print head surface.


Introduction to Flex banner recycling machine:

It is called a plastic crushing separator, plastic fiber separator, or plastic fiber removal machine. They are mainly used for crushing the separation of plastic and fiber synthetic materials. Pure plastic particles and fibers can be obtained after the treatment of plastic fiber separators. The separated plastic particles can be used for granulation or directly for the manufacture of other plastic products.

This MACHINE IS widely applicable in separating and recycling synthetic materials such as artificial leather, advertising cloth, snake leather pipe, Pvc wallpaper, automobile interior decoration, automobile floor mats, etc. It can also be used for the pellet of trademark paper. This MACHINE IS THE LATEST design, domestic initiative, excellent crushing separation effect, low investment cost, and high recovery economic benefit.


Working principle of Flex banner recycling machine :


This machine uses the principle of different specific gravity of plastic and chemical fiber. Under the action of grinding the chamber blade and tooth plate The pulverized fiber is separated. Under the action of centrifugal force, the fiber is sucked out from the fan by the fan on both sides of the pulverized chamber, and the plastic particles flow out from the lower outlet.


Different materials have different combinations:
Separation of snakeskin tube with thick material: 1 crusher + (1~2) separator
Separation of faux leather and other thin materials: 1 crusher + (2~3) separator machine
Mixing machines and screw conveyors can be chosen to increase the level of automation, reduce labor and increase efficiency.












Packaging Detail Plastic film for large parts and wooden case for small parts
Delivery Time 10-20 days
Supplying Ability (pieces, cartons, boxes, etc) 30per month
Place of Origin  China
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
FOB Price (USD) 10000 – 30000 /set
Payment Type (TT,L/C, Western Union, D/P, Money gram, PayPal, Others) TT, Western Union, Money gram, Paypal


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