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radiator separator machine

Peeling type Copper aluminum radiator separator machine is to process neat regular waste radiators, this machine can peel copper tube aluminum foil from Refrigerator radiator ,water tank radiator air conditioner radiator.etc. The recovery rate can arrive 100%.


Renowned Radiator Separator Machine Manufacturers


The radiator separation machine is a simple but incredibly efficient piece of equipment. It is for extracting copper tubes and aluminum foil from recycled scrap radiators. As one of the leading radiator separator machine manufacturers, our radiator separator machine is easy to use and very effective.


Application Scope of Radiator Separator Machines


This radiator separating machine can process used radiators from vintage cars, air conditioners, and other electric equipment. This is what sets us apart from other radiator recycling machine and radiator separator machine manufacturers. In order to provide a correct separation, the scrap radiators’ copper tubes must be given space. Space between them by 19mm, 21mm, or 25mm and the waste radiators must not get any damage.


The Process You Must Follow:


In order for the aluminum foil and copper pipes that you can strip to be automatically discharged from the radiator separation machine. You can load the scrap radiators into the machine’s input smoothly. The copper tube will stay entire once you divide the aluminum foil, but it will shatter into random pieces.

If your scrap radiators are too big for you to process it with a radiator separation machine, you can use a radiator cutting machine. By choosing us among the radiator separator machine manufacturers, you can break the materials down to manageable pieces for processing.


Benefits of Our Radiator Separating Machine:


  • It makes the moves simple by the integrated design.


  • Easy to use and dependable performance


  • High productivity, lowering costs and labor.


  • Long longevity and little power consumption.


  • Devoid of pollution and beneficial to the environment.


  • You can change the voltage to suit your needs.


Introduction :

-It can deal in the separation of copper tube aluminum foil from Refrigerator radiator,water tank radiator air conditioner radiator. etc.

-During processing, copper pipes inside the discarded copper aluminum air conditioning radiator is stripped completely while aluminum foils also keep a block shape.
-Three different kinds of copper pipe spacing of single layer and a double layer of 19mm, 21mm, 25mm can be processed.

– Multilayer radiators can be processed.

-100% metal separation rate, High separation speed, high efficiency, simple operation. It is a good choice for radiator recycling beginners.


Working process for Peeling type Copper aluminum radiator separator machine

–Before separating, it is necessary to remove the iron sheets on the sides of the radiator and cut the radiators neatly with a width of 30-40cm;

–then put these cut radiators into the feeder for stripping. For a second, it can discharge automatically.

–It can peel one layer and two layers of radiators. For radiators with more than 2 layers,a band saw is needed to cut them into one layer or two.

Technical data of Vertical band saw machine for cutting multi-layer radiator:

Model Motor power(kw) weight(kg) Capacity(kg hour) Dimension(mm)
660 3 300 600-700 750*600*2300


Technical data of Copper aluminum radiator separator machine:

Model External



quantity (Pcs)


of blade (mm)

Number of


(per platen)


of platen (mm)





RP-850 1700*1000*1100 65 105+100 70 125 7 750
RP-1200 2100*1150*1100 117 105+100 121 125 7 1250


Packaging Detail Plastic film for large parts and wooden case for small parts
Delivery Time 7-10 days
Supplying Ability (pieces, cartons, boxes etc) 100 per month
Place of Origin  China
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
FOB Price (USD) 6000-1000 /set
Payment Type (TT,L/C, Western Union, D/P, Money gram, PayPal, Others) TT,Western Union, Money gram,paypal
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