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Road Laying Machine

Precast concrete fence wall machine was used to produce cment fence wall for school wall, factory wall, Warehouse wall, farming pigsty wall,etc.


Leading Road Laying Machine Manufacturers


To build a high-quality road, many paver equipment components might be used. You can load asphalt material into the paver machine’s hopper before processing it. As one of the road laying machine manufacturers, our paver machine then moves the material to the auger device after it has been moved. You move the concrete from the stockpile to the screed using the auger machinery. After transferring them to the screed unit, we spread out the material in the allotted region of the road construction. In order to spread asphalt evenly, the road paving equipment also contains an automatic screening system and a screed-controlling device.


The screed controlling unit enables the machine to lay the stockpile of material without the need for any manual help, and the parts’ role is to automatically operate the asphalt laying and processing system. Being one of the well-known road laying machine manufacturers, the paver machine also features controls for changing the pace and height. It allows the machinery to adjust its speed and height to the needs and intended layout of the route. Our customers know that we never leave them without satisfying them. 


Today’s Top Road Laying Machine Company in China


Today’s road construction companies need a piece of equipment that can produce high-quality systems for processing and laying asphalt. You may use the paver equipment as a kind of road tool that may satisfy a variety of technical and non-technical needs in the field of road construction. Build the infrastructure for roads, walkways, and other routes, the paver machine, on the other hand, offers additional advantages. Such as an automatic shutdown system, a screen controlling system, etc. Because we are among the leading precast wall panel machine and road laying machine manufacturers in China. 


Precast concrete fence wall machines have many names such as cement boundary wall machine, concrete component wall machine, concrete retaining wall machine, etc.

-It was used to produce cement fence wall for school wall, factory wall, Warehouse wall, farming pigsty wall,etc.

-Final Precast concrete fence wall consist of cement fence wall panel and cement fence post and concrete fence wall cap(optional). And the production of cement fence wall need at least two machines, that is cement fence wall panel machine and cement fence post machine,concrete fence wall cap is optional.

– Final fence wall Application can be Garden Fence, Farm Fence, Residential Fence, Highway Fence, Railway Fence, Balcony Fence, Airport Fence, Stadium Fence, Municipal Fence, Bridge Fence, Stair Fence, Air-Condition Fence



Technical data :

Model Common size(mm) Speed(m/mim)
50  H column: 150x150x2
Wall slab:45x50x1;45x50x2;50x50x1;50x50x2;50x60x2;60x50x2
80 H column:180x240x2
Wall slab:80x500x2;80x600x2
90  H column:200x220x2
Wall slab:90×600
120  H column:220x270x2
Wall slab:120×600


Packaging Detail Plastic film for large parts and wooden case for small parts
Delivery Time 7-10 days
Supplying Ability (pieces, cartons, boxes etc) 100 per month
Place of Origin  China
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
FOB Price (USD) 10000-30000 /set
Payment Type (TT,L/C, Western Union, D/P, Money gram, PayPal, Others) TT,Western Union, Money gram,paypal
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