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Product Name

Copper wire recycling machines


copper cable granulator

copper wire granulator

copper cable recycling machine

Listing Description

Copper wire recycling machine is to separate or recovers copper or aluminum and plastic granules from waste copper cable wire with a 99% recovery rate.

Detailed Description

-scrap copper wire recycling machine has many names, such as Waste wire recycling machine, waste wire, and cable recycling equipment, copper plastic wire separator machine, aluminum plastic wire separator or wire separator, etc,

-Used for crushing waste scrap copper wire cable, then Sort out plastic and plastic by air separation.

-No water during processing

– Capacity:100-1000kghour

– Profitable business for the solid waste recycling industry

– Tailor-made system to meet specific customer demand

What materials can be recycled: scrap copper wire recycling machine can recover materials:

various waste wires, copper-plastic wires, and aluminum-plastic wires, such as automobile circuit lines, motorcycle circuit lines, battery car circuit lines, circuit lines for used household appliances, Solution circuit lines, computer cables, telephone wires, cable TV lines, Communication cables, Civilian wires, filament wires, all single-branch wires, network cable, and thin wire that is difficult to recycle.

How to work (Working process)

Going through the crushing process, the vibrating screen, and the specific gravity, the copper and plastic can be liberated and separated from the cable.

 What advantage does our scrap copper wire recycling machine have:

– Environmental protection, no waste water, no dust pollution in the whole process.

–  Highly automated, and only need 1–2 operators.

That is to say, the waste wire is fed on one side, and copper and plastic have produced another side.

– High metal recovery rate and the recovery rate of copper can be close to 100% By combining with the electrostatic sorting machine, Basically, there is no plastic in the metal, and there is no metal in the plastic.

– Blades are all made of hard and wear-resistant tools, sharp and.

– The device has a compact structure, small floor area, easy disassembly and installation, and convenient maintenance.

Advance Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Zhengzhou Dahlia Commerce Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of equipment for recycling wire and cable and offers sales and support globally. In addition, we make our high-quality wire recycling machine for our diverse clientele. A copper wire recycling machine is a form of environmental technology called a copper wire granulator.

Most recently, we possess a substantial amount of re-engineering, conducting a thorough refresh. And combining a tried and tested platform with our experience and expertise gained during the preceding years of cable recycling. We have come up with a modern system of wire-cutting lines and recycling. We offer our recycling machine to suit the majority of budgets and processing capacity requirements. Our cable recycling machine is also one of the best selling products of ours.

  What processing Capacity Can we provide for a client?

Model Dimension Motor power Capacity Weight
TM-400A 2000*1850*2600mm 18.7kw 100-150kg hour 1800kg
TM-400B 2600*1600*2100mm 20.4kw 100-150kg hour 1500kg
TM-500 2500 *2000*2450mm 27.85kw 200-300kg hour 1900kg
TM-600 4200*1900*3800 40kw 300-400kg


TM-800 4800*2100*4100 58kw 500-600kg 3500kg


Packaging Detail

Plastic film for large parts and wooden case for small parts

Delivery Time

10-20 days

Supplying Ability (pieces, cartons, boxes etc)

30 set one month

Place of Origin


Minimum Order Quantity

One set

FOB Price (USD)

9000-30000 per set

Payment Type (TT,L/C, Western Union, D/P, Money gram, PayPal, Others)

TT,Western union,moneygram

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