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Product Name

gypsum chalk making machine


Dustless Chalk Making Machine

School Chalk Making Machine

Electric Chalk Making Machine

dustless school white chalk machine

blackboard chalk making machine

gypsum chalk piece moulding machine

chalk stick making machine for african

color Chalk Molding Machine

Chalk Manufacturing Machine

chalk piece making machine


Listing Description

Gypsum chalk making machine use is used to make chalk by moulding machine , easy operate with high capacity, suitable for small business investor.

Detailed Description


– FM800 series electric chalk machine is the most advanced quality chalk manufacturing equipment in China.

– Models include FM800-1,FM800-2,FM800-4,FM800-6, and FM800-8.

-The whole operation include Automatic water supply, electric beating, filling mold, demolding.

– Final chalk is bright and beautiful, which is a reform of chalk manufacturing industry.

– Each mold have 800 hole, and there are push-out devices for one-time demolding.

-Chalk shape Can be round, square, hexagonal and other kinds of chalk, and the size can also be customized according to user needs.

Technical data:

Model Capacity Tehnical data
FB 800-1 4000 piece/hour It has one mold, manual mixing, One person can operate 3 sets machine.
FB 800-2 8000 piece/hour It has two molds, with turntable and electric mixer, need one operator
FB 800-4 12,000 piece/hour It has four molds, with turntable and electric mixer, need one operator
FB 800-6 24,000 piece/hour It has six molds, with turntable and electric mixer, need two operators
FB 800-8 32,000 piece/hour It has eight molds, with turntable and electric mixer, need two operators


How to run 800 Chalk-making machine

-Connect the machine to electricity and water. The water recorder will be best if the water is adjusted by the airbag.

-The patterns must be painted wholly with lubrication oil.

-Process of producing: Full-fill the water bucket with water. Get the open side up. Paint the pattern with oil (paint once every time the chalks come out ,the lubrication oil is matched with 90% kerosene and 10% peanut oil) .Step on the pedal controlling the water ,and let the water come into the beating bucket from the water recorder, add some plaster power into the water (1 to 1). Press down the beating button, beating for about 10 seconds, then turn it down, the turning of the coming-out button, let the well-beat plaster into the pattern. Scrape the plaster to flat with the scraper, scrape out the leftovers, and then continue to the second pattern. With this step, in about 5-6 minutes, the first pattern would have solidified, then pore out. When you are making them out, turn the button on the pattern stand, then turn down the pattern .Put the plate on the iron sticks of the pattern stand. Then turn the handle with your power to push the chalk out, and let then fall to the plate, put them under the sunshine until dry.

-The process of packing will be completed by manual work.

Product Brochures

Packaging Detail


Delivery Time

7-10 days

Supplying Ability (pieces, cartons, boxes etc)

200 set one month

Place of Origin


Minimum Order Quantity

One set

FOB Price (USD)

3000-9000 per set

Payment Type (TT,L/C, Western Union, D/P, Money gram, PayPal, Others)

TT,Western union,moneygram

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